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£1300 (each)

Effective, Efficient, High Quality, easy to fit Power Assisted Steering conversions making classic cars more pleasureable and easier to drive.

Comments we hear often about TR steering:

“The steering becomes very heavy when cornering at speed”

“The steering is heavy at parking speeds”

“They have moderate sporting reflexes though initial understeer is a big component”

“Faith in its balance near the limit is compromised by the way the under-damped and squat prone tail bounces over bumps, challenging the driver to catch the mid-corner bump disturbance and to correct the cars attitude through bends and corners”


Using 25 years of Power Steering experience the system for the Triumph TRs follows on from the great success of the power assisted steering system for the MGB, MG RV8 and MGC.

Most people have power steering in their “everyday cars”, so why not have PAS for the classic car in the family?.

Triumph TRs are iconic British sports cars designed in the 1960's. We love them for their character and try to live with their faults.

Many of their historical problems now have modern solutions making the cars more reliable and more useable, but until now there has not been an affordable and effective option of Power Assisted Steering.

Power Assisted Steering enables us to live with these idiosyncrasies to cope with them more easily yet does not remove the essential character of the car.

PAS compliments the standard car and further enhances the fitment of modern upgrades thus improving the balance, handling, and the way it changes direction, steers, grips and entertains.

Oversize tyres with modern rubber compounds can now be fitted without the penalty of heavier steering.

The specifically engineered system for the TR 5, TR 6 and TR 250 has been designed to be simple and effective, only adding to the pleasure of driving.

The belt driven mechanical pump has falling rate calibration, meaning that it gives maximum assistance at Iower engine speeds, tailing off as engine revs increase.

This means that it has maximum assistance at parking speeds and reduced assistance at cruising speed.

Greatly reducing the effort required to steer when maneuvering at low speeds and when parking but still retaining good responsive, positive feel when on the open road.

There is no bump steer and steering kick back is eliminated.


Driving a TR with Power Assisted Steering is just more relaxed and more fun!


Available for: Rhd and Lhd TR5 TR6 TR250 (Not with Air-Conditioning)

Reduces steering effort by 75 per cent when parking

3.2 Turns Lock to Lock

Entirely 'bolt on' fitting


12 months parts and labor warranty



"...I love it. Excellent … I’m very pleased – should have done it yonks ago"

Bill Bourne via E mail

"Power steering fitted by my my full time professional mechanic friend this week. I now have a
different car after 27 years & I am very pleased"

Alec Bacon

"Just got back from the British Classic Car meet in Morges. Did about 1400 miles - taking great
advantage of the PAS in all the multi story parking and 3 point turns involved thereby"

Mike White


"The most significant mod I have fitted to my car (TR5). Makes the car even more pleasurable to

Harry Dent


"So how does it improve the car?, well I have competed in 3’s and 4’s and driven my 5 on the road for
4 years, I can say that this is the best thing I have ever attached to any of them. Apart from the
very welcome huge reduction in steering effort for parking the ‘falling rate’ pump which reduces
the assistance with speed makes the car much more responsive to drive. The previous marked
heaviness when cornering at speed is now gone, you do not lose the road feel at all, just the
heaviness. Pressing on now is even more of a joy!"

David Dawson on the TR Forum 13 - 7- 08

"My previous miserable low speed heavy steering problems have been banished, and that was the
principle object of the exercise as far as I’m concerned.
As a bonus, handling at moderate to high speeds has been unaffected by the changes, if not
improved. On twisty lanes the heavyish steering is now significantly lighter with no loss of feel.
The bottom line is that this man’s TR6 has been very significantly improved in a most delightful
way. Well done Alasdair – nice one!"

Article by Mike White – March 2009

PAS & rack offside

PAS & rack offside

Engine bay

Engine bay

Engine bay offside

Engine bay offside

Engine bay front

Engine bay front

Fitting Kit

Fitting Kit

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