£830 (pair)

Engineering Improvement to Classic Cars


Before starting just double check that you have the right length of driveshaft; 18.5 or 19.5 inch.
The driveshafts from CDD will be assembled, so that the components in the picture will be assembled onto the driveshafts and in the right position.
You will be reusing some of the old components, see list. Check for condition and renew if necessary.
Much of the fitting instructions for these shafts is exactly the same as in the Haynes Workshop Manual.
If you do not have a copy……..get one ! (Its content can not be reproduced here for copyright reasons)
This will guide you through the operations.
Use it to remove the old driveshafts from the car, and to remove the brakes and outer flanges, page 185, 186
Refer to page 183 section 3 to put the joint onto your diff flange and the flange assembly onto the new shaft
You do not have to do the ‘Driveshaft hub – overhaul’
When refitting the lower pivot bolt bushing is different; the bushes are already in the trunnion so it is assembled with the stainless steel bush into the trunnion bushes, no lube necessary, and the plastic washers each side; the width of the Vertical link does vary so use the washers to take up any slack. If more are put to the rear then this will slightly increase the toe in of the rear wheels (no bad thing !)
Follow the manual for all other operations

Download PDF Instructions
Download PDF Instructions 2