Fitting Instructions TRs Stag & Innsbruk & TVR M series

Engineering Improvement to Classic Cars

Application: TRs Stag & Innsbruk & TVR M series

Follow all proper safety precautions and good practice. If in doubt DO NOT DO IT !

Jack up the rear of the car and support on axle stands under the rear subframe.

Use a separate jack under the trailing arm to raise and lower it.

Stag and Innsbruk cars have more room in which to work so the task is easier.

On receiving your driveshafts remove the outer nut and washer and while holding the alloy hub and the driveflange together pull it off the CV joint spline. Place on a clean surface, flange uppermost.

The driveshaft is provided assembled and all joints preloaded with grease, so no need to dismantle.

As TRs have less room and are more difficult, this is the procedure:

Follow recommended procedures to remove the standard driveshaft / hub assemblies.

Clean the inside of the trailing arm so no dirt will fall onto the spline / hub assembly.

If there is an exhaust pipe on the side being fitted the lever arm damper will have to be detached from its’ chassis mounting.

The driveshaft goes into the hub from the diff side and then move back to engage the diff flange bolts, engage the nuts to hold in place.

Raise the trailing arm and reattach the damper, then raise as far as possible towards the normal ride height of the car (do not lift off the main vehicle supports)

Align the CV Joint splined shaft in the centre of the hub and engage the hub assembly with the splines and the hub studs. Do up the hub studs.

Now place the washer and the nut on the splined shaft and nip up. Tighten the diff flange bolts.

Complete and check all operations.

Replace the drum and road wheel.

When the car is on the ground engage the hand brake and chock the wheels.

Tighten the driveshaft nut to 290 Nm  or  215  lb ft.

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