Engineering Improvement to Classic Cars

This new balljointed suspension has been developed to offer driving improvements, but without looking dramatically different on the car.

Following extensive development a ‘bolt on’ Ball Joint conversion is available for the MGC front suspension.

Painstakingly developed to stay close to the original in appearance this conversion also means that there are no alterations to the original MGC components.

The kit represents a significant advantage over the original design and components by incorporating modern upper and lower ball joints in place of the conventional king pins and bushes. The use of ball joints makes the suspension movement more supple and free moving leading to enhanced driver feedback, reduce weighting up when cornering and offer full camber and caster adjustability, and because of the reduction in stiction they do in fact lighten the steering.

This development is entirely compatible with uprated torsion bars, adjustable shock absorbers, poly bushes and upgraded brakes.

The kit comprises: a pair of ball jointed MGC uprights (customers’ own units), upper wishbone arms, wishbone pivot, bump stops, caster & camber shims, fixings and fitting instructions.

Available from

MG Owners Club     

MG Motorsport Limited

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